Run Thru: January


My January vibe was mostly about the kids’ routines: Getting them where they need to be, helping out with homework, cooking dinner, etc. I love it all except for the fact that it continues to leave me no time for my own projects…. But there I go again griping about time.

What’s the saying? I need to make the time, right? I don’t disagree with that, but it is tricky, and I can hardly keep my eyes open past 8 pm anymore.


  • Worked to launch a new single.
  • Lots of table setting for the rest of the year.
  • Established a social media presence for Merchandise, which is already making a world of difference reaching fans.


  • Of my own music? Pretty much no progress this month – which is fine. Maybe one new idea made it into voice memos…? I’m OK with it for now.

Listening To

  • Ethan Gruska - Slowmotionary
  • So much Gillian Welch
  • Beatles re-mixes


Looking Ahead

  • Work is a great kind of busy. Lots of surprises coming for the fans.
  • Birthday party planning for my oldest.
  • An early Spring?
  • Building a new version of this site which will hopefully be done by March!