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  • Eleventonia 🎈

    A mildly opinionated Eleventy starter project built with Sass and Nunjucks.

  • OsciTones 🎚

    An audio oscillator and tone generator for recording engineers and audio professionals built with vanilla JavaScript.

  • Stained Glass Playground 🔹

    A stained glass playground built with HTML Canvas and JavaScript. Currently in production, but usable.

  • What's My Pace? 🏃

    A simple pace calculator and distance converter for those on the go built in React.

  • Cascade Layers

    A basic cascade layers boilerplate for front-end projects

  • resetCSS

    A simple CSS reset.


  • Ask Zoel A Question 🎸

    I produced, shot, and edited this explainer video series featuring Widespread Panic's guitar tech running through the band's instrumentants and stage set-up.

  • Miss Kitty's Lounge Animated Videos

    I created animated music videos for Widespread Panic's Miss Kitty's Lounge album release.